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Goal Pools
Goal Pool allows you stake $BALL to earn other tokens. (Launch Pools) Simply stake the $Goal you already own and you will start to earn different coins based on the pools you stake.
APR's are calculated with respect to the total pool's staking balance.
According to the plan, every pool will be active for about 1 week and a new pool will be added before the last one expires. (This can change in the future once we get more data on how the users interact with the pools).
Initially, we will send other tokens/coins to the pools to reward $BALL staker's. We also have an option for sponsors to give out their tokens for $BALL holders. (So it would be even better since you will get other growing coins/tokens just for staking $BALL you already own).
Like any Pools you can Unstake anytime and it is free.

Burn Fee

As a way to fight inflation. Most of the Goal pools will have a burn fee, and the fee is different for each pool. Please make sure to check this info on the pool you are going to stake. The burn amount calculated based on the burn fee is directly sent to the burn address (This is one of our ways to fight inflation). Note: Burn fee cannot be returned in any case. Since it's transferred to the burn address and we have no control to get that back.
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Burn Fee